Lunchbox #13- rice ball wrapped with seaweed

Lunch preparation .

Something different for the day.

Cooked some Japanese rice , set aside. Boiled an egg in boiling water for 8-10 mins, peeled off the egg shell ,set aside. Pan fried 2 slices of pork belly marinated with Worcester sauce / teriyaki sauce or you may use bacon, pan fried till well cooked or slightly crispy, set aside.

Place a cling film sheet on a small ceramic bowl, place a seaweed sheet on it, scoop a spoonful of rice spread evenly on seaweed sheet, put a piece of lettuce , place the pork sliced , then place the hard boiled egg in the centre , wrapped up the cling film , wrapped it tight and gently twist it a little , to form a rice ball shape (must wrapped it nicely and intact).

Once the rice ball shape is formed , you may remove the cling film , cut the rice ball into half! Voila ! Rice ball wrapped with seaweed is ready to serve!

I had some extra food to go with together , some cherry tomatoes , a cup of hot coffee with cream crackers , end with an apple.

Mind you, it’s bit messy when you eat it with you hand.

But , who care?! It’s so delicious !!!


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