Bread butter pudding

Bread butter pudding is a dessert I tried to bake without fail.

Ingredients need to prepare:

~ 2 butter croissant , cut into pieces

~ 1 egg

~ 2 spoons of raw sugar

~ 150ml milk

~ almond flakes

~ chocolate chips

~ 1/2 tea spoon vanilla essence

~ some butter (optional)

I melt the butter on non stick pan with slow fire , set aside let it cold off. Mixed the melted butter , 1 egg , vanilla essence with milk in a bowl , stir well together ,soak the cut pieces croissants into the mixture.

Layers the croissants into a bowl , sprinkle some almond flakes ,chocolate chips , raw sugar on top, continuous layers another layer of croissants. Pour left over egg & milk mixture on top of the croissants , sprinkle almond flakes , chocolate chips and some raw sugars.

Pre- heat the oven , put the bread butter pudding into the oven , set the temperature to 160-180c, baked for 30 mins. Voila ! My bread butter pudding is done perfectly for 1 person portion , served with chocolate hazelnut ice cream , simply divine !

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