Wings Musicafe 回音石民歌餐厅


Wings Musicafe is an unique concept cafe which provide you a cozy environment, entertaining patrons with live unplugged music , offering scrumptious food and a variety of beverages to quench your thirst.  It is a chosen place for any occasions, enjoy the music smoothing your mood, for birthday batch, reunion, farewell, anniversary, catch up with friends, even to plan a surprise proposal, definitely allow you to have an unforgettable  moments and cherish the happy times together which in line with their slogan “Good music, Great friends”. Wings Musicafe has been in the industry for more than a decade, because of music, to connect all friends together.


With a great pleasure to meet up the founder of the Wings Musicafe, Jeff Lim who spent some times to brief the history of Wings Musicafe.  If you do remember 海螺 Halo Music, Wings Musicafe is nothing new to you.  Wings Musicafe has successfully to establish a good platform  for those talented people who love music and passionate in singing, enable them to showcase their singing talent and build their music journey and career.


Let’s check out their series of food and beverage that served at Wings Musicafe.

IMG_6681 IMG_6654 IMG_6671

Long Vacation is a refreshing drink that you should try!  This drink remind me of Margarita cocktail. Long Vacation is one of the popular drink since the opening of Wings  Musicafe, it consists of mint, honey, orange and passionfruit, the glass rim dusted with salt, once your lip sips the drink with pinch of salt, you will have different kind of sensation, you will taste a mix of salty, sour and sweet taste.
Redang Wave is another HIT in the Wings Musicafe, this blue drink originally inspired by the movie Summer Holiday 夏日的么么茶, it consists of blue curaçao, lemon juice and top up with sprite which remaining as one of their most iconic drinks. It reminds you of blue ocean, beach and your dream holidays.

For milk tea lovers, you will be spoil by choices of flavours – honeydew milk tea, pearl milk tea, yam milk tea, chocolate milk tea, red bean japan matcha milk tea, winter melon milk tea.
This is honeydew milk tea which is one of the best seller, used wheat based, red tea in their milk tea creations which give rich creamy texture with hints of wheat aroma. Enjoy your milk tea with pearls!

IMG_6673 IMG_6687

Chocolate lover, don’t miss out this drink. Chocolove is a chilled chocolate drink, by using special curated cocoa with a dash of mint, top with whipped cream, a drink that you will love to have during this hot weather.


I am a salad lover, absolutely enjoy this salad dish to maximum! Wings House Salad is one of their signature dish. You may taste the crisp of iceberg lettuce, crunchy bacon pieces, hard boiled  egg slices, cucumber, tomato , sweet corn and shredded carrot, served with a extra ordinary house dressing which created by Chef, with a golden yellow hue creamy texture, light with sweet hint. It is a good combination and healthy appetiser, chef is generous to give a quite big portion which good to share for 2 persons. IMG_6694


You will not be disappointed to try Double Cheese Chicken, which is my favourite dish among the others. Chef choose boneless drumstick meat for chicken chop which is juicy and tender, 2 layers of cheese, sunny side up, served with mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce, accompanied with cheese flavour fries and coleslaw. It’s the best seller since 2005, yet still popular till now, you have no excuse not to try it.

IMG_6712 IMG_6713

Porky gang!  you have more options to have a dedicated series of pork dishes here special created by Chef Clement.  Simply love the Chef Creamy Pork Chop, the pork loin carefully hand picked by chef,meat marinated with spices, grilled perfectly just to the right doneness for a tender juicy bite ,served with aromatic garlic white sauce.
IMG_6724 IMG_6732

Risotto is an authentic northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. Risotto cooked in rich sauce infused with herbs, bacon rolls, it gives a smooth texture. Best to indulge it while it still piping hot!

Vietnamese Chicken Chop is one of fusion kind of dish, marinated with spices, basil leaf and lemongrass, the marination juice into the meat elevates the depth of flavours, served along with the hard boiled egg, shredded lettuce, carrots, tomato & cucumber, incredibly delicious!
IMG_6698 IMG_6709

A bunch of friends come together, time to share some food together!  Friendship platter is a perfect order to satisfy all at once! If you are wondering what friendship platter is?  A combination of signature snacks – deep fried porky fries, crunchy salty & spicy chicken wings, crispy abalone mushrooms, porcupine franks and the Wings’ mojo fries!
IMG_6735 IMG_6736


Please stay tune for the upcoming Wings Musicafe’s Christmas promotion ……

What will be in your mind during Christmas festive? something red? snowman? gingerbread? reindeer ? christmas tree?

Creative Chef Clement came out a series of Christmas dishes and drinks that will be featuring during Christmas festive which will mark a lasting impression while you dine in there.

Ginger meat man, cuteness overload!

IMG_6807 IMG_6788


Trio flavours Christmas trees, carefully unplug the french fries.


Christmas’s theme drinks – Reindeer & Olaf

IMG_6760 IMG_6748

Christmas’s drinks – Olaf


Chef Clement was in action making Christmas’s drinks – Reindeer

IMG_6746 IMG_6752

Festive and food bring friends together, not to forget to order Christmas’s Platter for sharing. Remember sharing is caring.

IMG_6820 IMG_6819

Snowman by mashed potatoes

What’s more? every evening patrons are treated to exhilarating lived music performance.

To date, there are 8 branches in Malaysia, 2 branches at Melaka, 2  branches at Cheras, 1 branch at Kuchai Lama, 1 branch at SS2, 1 branch at Sri Petaling and 1 branch at Puchong. For the locations’ details, click here.

How to get there??

Wings Musicafe @ Puchong : No 39, Jln Puteri 4/1,Bdr Puteri Puchong, 47100, Selangor.

Telephone: 03-80613309

Operating hours: 6pm onwards till 1.30am

Free broadband internet access – Wifi available



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