Kompia 光饼


Kompia or kompyang, is a bread product originates from Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province of China.  Kompia can be found and taste at Sitiawan, Perak. Kompia is a local delicacy snack which famous for its crispy skin and crunchiness while it served hot! It comes with two type of filling , may choose for thin and crispy type filled with chopped onion and lard , you definitely love the nice aroma ! For chewy bite, go for minced pork filling with sesame top on the bread. 

It’s a tedious job to bake this delicious kompia. Homemade dough kneading nicely and wrapped with selected filing , paste the bread  dough inside a special oven with charcoal , using the charcoal fire and heat to bake the bread in order to get the crunchiness and burning aroma. All the bread doughs stick on the oven’s wall, sprinkle some water . One time can stick approximately 30-50 pieces , after done baking , the baker use two long stick to scope out the piping hot kompia.

To purchase this kompia , I went to 4 shops still unable to get, 1 need to wait for 2 hours another 3 shops were closed, finally manage to grab 10 pieces at 5th shop, extremely happy!

Time for snack indulgence ! Nom nom nom 



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