Apple Cutter / Slicer

I love apple, I am an “apple eater”.

When come to cutting and slicing, I am kind of ‘lazy’ person. My gratitude to my mate, LG who introduced me Ikea apple cutter/ slicer which is an awesome tool, enable me to save time, fasten up the cutting/slicing process and allow me to enjoy my apples just like a second!  It works perfectly good, utterly amazing! I called it as ‘apple magic work’!

Just need to clean the apple, place the apple on cutting board nicely, hold the apple cutter/slicer , place it at the center of the apple (aim the core), press it firmly, all the way down! Voila! the apple’s core will be removed and apple been sliced into pieces , nicely done!

Don’t you like it?!  I’m lovin’ it! It’s simple as ABC 123 ^_^


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