Restaurant Satay UK

Satay is a very popular delicacy in Malaysia,  satay is a dish consist of marinated  diced or sliced  meat with various spices seasoning, skewed and grilled over charcoal fire, served with peanut sauce, diced onions, rice cubes and cucumber. The satay meat may consist of chicken, beef, mutton, rabbit, pork, fish and another meats.

We may find satay throughout the country, from traveling satay vendor, street style (night market), cafe, hawker center and restaurant. During festive celebration, satay is a ‘must’ available dish to be served.  However, as a Malaysian we always can enjoy satay in any occasion.

My colleagues introduced me to Restaurant Satay UK as he gave a good verdict on their satay. We indulged 50 sticks of satay like nobody business.  The satay portion is generous enough, bigger than others, the meat is tender and juicy, very tasty. Dip with special home made satay sauce, awesome!  I would prefer Satay UK than Satay Kajang (my personal preference)

Restaurant Satay UK

Address: No. 80,  Jalan 7/7A, Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650, Selangor


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