Seng Kee fish head noodle house

How many of you love fish head noodle?
I love to sample food around the street or town, i found this outlet located at Tesco Puchong, Seng Kee’s fish head noodle.

I ordered a bowl of fish head mixed with fish paste noodle soup, the soup is hot and quite plain, but when comes to fish paste, it’s too soft when you sink your teeth in, i can’t really taste the freshness of the fish paste and the fish head meat.

If compare to Win Soon’s fish head noodle, Win Soon’s fish head noodle is tasty and i can remember the freshness of their fish paste, will ask for more!

I was disappointed with this fish head and fish paste noodle, perhaps my palate expectation is sophisticated *evil grin* . Albeit it’s below my expectation, it’s harmless for 1st timer to give a try with starving stomach.


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