Siew Bao – 烧包 ~ Seremban Siew Bao

Siew bao (baked bao) is one of the well known chinese delicacy pastry, crispy flaky pastry skin fill with juicy delicious minced pork / minced chicken. When talk about siew bao, we always remember to associate it with Seremban famous siew bao.  It seems nobody can beat Seremban Siew Bao , the pride of chinese cooking. I’ve tasted a few versions of siew bao, i can taste the difference of the pastry texture and the taste of the sauce, it seems require skillful baker and their secret recipe to win my heart.

I am very lucky to have this siew bao all the way from Seremban, a treat from my friend. Utterly delicious and always ask for more! one is never enough!!!




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