Oh! Cendol

Fancy to have a bowl of cendol during a hot weather day? Can’t resist !oh! cendol! Cendol is a popular dessert in Malaysia, cendol consist of shaved ice, coconut milk, palm sugar syrup (gula melaka), “worm-like” green jelly and red bean, such a perfect combination! You may add on glutinous rice (pulut) if you prefer a ‘munching-chewing’ kind of cendol.

I love cendol !!! I’ve tried out cendol at different places, some of the cendol not up to my liking.  Cendol is often sell by vendors at roadsides cendol vendor, hawker stall/ food courts, coffee shop and cafe/ restaurant.

Cendol sold by roadside cendol vendor at Sitiawan, Perak

Cendol from Mr. Cendol since 1952, at Lumut, Perak

One of my favourite place for cendol, Papparich. 2 versions of cendol, served in glass or served in bowl, heavenly good!

Donald & Lily Corner served small bowl of Cendol at Melaka

Famous Jonker Street cendol, Melaka

Oh yes! now we can have Jonker Street cendol at Mid Valley. However, i still prefer the cendol in Melaka

Durian cendol and classic cendol

 Old Town white coffee shop’s version of Cendol, yum yum!

The most lousy cendol i ever tried in my life, cendol baba at Bandar Puteri, Puchong

( sticky palm sugar which stick to your teeth, palm sugar with burning taste, red bean not mushy enough, totally no kick!)


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