Get a Punch! Ninja Joe Pork Burger

I found this Ninja Joe pork burger outlet qutie some times ago, but seems none of my friend keen to try it out with me.

A random day, i popped into Ninja Joe for lunch, eargerly want to try the juicy pork burger!

I had the brucely pork burger with additional cheese (of cause pay a little extra $$).

Despite the hearty meal, my hunger remained unsatisfied. The pork meat patty too thin slice, i can’t feel the ‘kick’ by biting it. The cook wasn’t generous enough to give me 1 whole strip of bacon, i settled it with half strip of bacon. (hopefully next order will surprise me with loads of yummy pork!)

For those pork lover, you are welcome to try out Ninja Joe’s pork burger at anytime!

Want to get a punch?!! grab a BRUCELY pork burger from Ninja Joe!


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