Spaghetti a la Jojo

During the weekend, suddenly crave for pasta, went to dig the fridge, found some chicken cheese sausages, portebello mushroom cream sauce and marinated pork ribs! Decided to cook pasta a la jojo!

For the marinated pork ribs, i marinated it with five spice powder, white pepper powder, fine salt, black pepper powder, chinese ‘hua tiao’ cooking wine, sprinkle some fine sugar, tapioca flour and corn flour.

Bring a pot of water to boiling point (with salt & oil), put a handful of spaghetti into it, cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the hot water and run under cold water for few seconds and set aside (drain the water).

Deep fried the pork ribs in a wok with hot oil till golden brown and set aside. Heat up non stick pan, pan fried the sliced chicken cheese sausages till cook and set aside. Dash few drops olive oil on non stick pan, scoop the portebello mushroom sauce into the pan, add 2 spoons water, add on the pasta , sprinkle some black pepper on top.

Remove the pasta from pan and plated with sausages and pork ribs. Ops! i forgotten my parmesan cheese!

Bon appetite!


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