Tofu-fa 豆腐花 (tofu pudding)

I love this chinese dessert , tofu-fa 豆腐花 which is a popular chinese treat, made from soybean.
Since i was a kid, my mummy always bought me tofu-fa on weekly basis, such a good treat!

I bought this special tofu-fa from a van at Bandar Puteri Puchong, this owner offers a variety of tofu-fa topping.
I bought a tub of tofu-fa served with variety of nuts (azuki bean,lotus seed,Cannellini Bean, kidney bean) & palm sugar syrup, it’s called as 八宝豆腐花. The tofu-fa texture is very smooth, simply delicious!

Tofu-fa 八宝豆腐花


4 thoughts on “Tofu-fa 豆腐花 (tofu pudding)

  1. I love tau fu fa too. So susah to buy good one in Brunei. The supermarkets do sell them but those are the modern type —- a lot of colouring and no ginger syrup.


    • next time u come to KL , i can bring u go eat tofufa lar..hehehe…
      u can opt for palm sugar syrup, plain syrup, cendol, ginger syrup..


  2. I love this dessert too! I occasionally buy these at the local asia market, after being introduced to them by an :acquaintance. I was wondering…are they meant for sharing or for one person?


  3. @Tazkiya, it can be sharing for 2 persons if u were a small eater. if you like this dessert, one portion always is not enough 🙂


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