Sunday Dinner at ‘Liang Ya’梁雅 Restaurant

My favourite vegetable
Paper wrapped chicken

Paper wrapped chicken

2 taste pork ribs

2 taste pork ribs

Last Sunday met up with Anna, we went for our dinner at ‘Liang Ya’梁雅 Restaurant, Puchong Branch.
The restaurant was so crowded, somehow the food served was kinda fast.
We ordered 3 dishes, stir fried vegetable with garlic, 2 tastes of pork ribs (honey & mayo) and their famous paper wrapped chicken! I kid you not, the paper wrapped chicken easily sold out if u come later than 9pm.
Ever since petrol price hike up, the eat out expenses is following hike up too. The food price is double up! 2 of us total damage is RM40 over.
What to do? Crave for good food, that’s the price we are paying for. :p


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